Only 48% of adults in America are registered as eye, tissue and organ donors. Members of the healthcare industry can lead the way to improve that rate by demonstrating our commitment to donation.


Working Together

SightLife, in partnership with the Alcon Foundation, is dedicated to eliminating corneal blindness worldwide through SightLife’s Global Sight Restoration Program, which focuses on the development of eye banks and surgeons in underserved regions of India. As a leader in the eye care space, and a company committed to preserve, restore and enhance vision worldwide, Alcon’s support is a crucial component of the SightLife’s  advancement towards ensuring eye care for everyone, and restoring sight to as many corneal blind children, women and men in India and around the world.

Electing to become an eye, tissue and organ donor is a key piece to ensuring that anyone who would benefit from donation, does, and that individuals all over the world are able to live self-determined lives. Register today and give the gift of sight and of life.

Claire Bonilla, CEO
We are proud to partner with Alcon who shares our mission to bring sight to the millions of people around the world who are living in the dark.
— Claire Bonilla, CEO of SightLife

About SightLife

Our mission is to eliminate corneal blindness

Millions of people around the world struggle to live with corneal blindness—the loss of sight caused by damage to the surface of the eye. It's a treatable condition with a clear solution: a corneal transplant. Yet a shortage of transplant tissue and insufficient surgeon training keep over 10 million men, women and children in the dark.

We're here to change that.

At SightLife, we're making more life-changing transplants possible. It's work that requires a continued collaboration between surgeons, technicians, hospital administrators, donor families and recovery partners across the developed and developing world.

Working together, we can unlock brighter futures. And help those who are in need see the world through new eyes.

How we do it

SightLife is the largest and most experienced provider of corneas for transplant in the world. From donation to evaluation to transplant, we're there, working closely with hospitals, donor families and surgeons to provide the most advanced and efficient service available. We are also the only non-profit global health organization solely focused on eliminating corneal blindness in the U.S. and around the world. Based on our deep expertise and global experience SightLife has built a dedicated team and comprehensive program to support the development of eye banks and corneal surgeons across the developing world, where 98% of the need exists.

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Give the gift of sight

The decision to donate is a personal one. Find out how your choice to donate can change lives.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn how you can make a difference for the 10 million corneal blind around the world.


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